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Main Page

Login button is in the menu bar at the top under the Logo second from the right side. Click on Login to get to the username and password fields. Click on Login when the fields are completed. Select Search to start working

Note: If you get no record information or images from a search, you may need to upgrade the Internet browser to Mozilla Firefox. To download go to mozilla's homepage, click the green rectangle labeled "Firefox Free Download".

Search To Select choices from any or all of the options:

  1. Begin typing the year or word wanted or scroll through each search field (Note: don't pause while typing, the computer thinks it is a space before beginning the next word).
  2. To search a range, such as 1940-1945, type 1940 and hold down the SHIFT key to scroll to 1945.
  3. To search multiple of 2 or more non-consecutive options such as Betty Williams Collection AND University or Rhode Island Collection select one and hold down the CONTROL key and select next choice(s).
  4. CLICK on the SEARCH button to display the results

The designated search criteria will remain until changed in the desired field. Click the NEW SEARCH button to clear all specified criteria.

Search Results Page
  1. Click on the pattern image to view the pattern schematic and get more details about the pattern.
  2. To PRINT the report page click PRINT on the tool bar. (The default for printing the Report page is set to "shrink to Fit", to verify use Print Review in the Print menu.)
  3. To view or print enlarged fashion or schematic Click on Enlarged View.
  4. To return to browsing the Results Page, Click on the Search on the tool bar.
  5. TIP: to return to the recently viewed pattern in Search, type Control+F and type the pattern number or the Pattern ID number and press Enter. (MAC users: type Apple+F.)
  1. Click in the box on the save column on the left.
  2. Click on Save Selected Pattern button.
  3. To view Bookmarked patterns, Click on View Bookmark.
  4. To reduce the number of Bookmarked patterns, check the box in the Delete column and click on Remove the Selected from Bookmark.
  5. To Print the Bookmark results, follow the Print instructions for the Search Results page.
  6. TIP: Change the number of patterns to view to include the full search results. See the down arrow to the left of "patterns" and the Change button on the far right.
Create List (to date patterns) There are several Collections in the database; the most extensive are Betty Williams through 1959 and the University of Rhode Island though 2006.
  1. Select the pattern company (and Collections(s) if desired) to search for pattern numbers and Search.
  2. To view more than 20 patterns, select the number of patterns to view per page in the box left of "patterns" use the down arrow to change the number to be viewed.
  3. Select No in box left of image.
  4. Click Change.
  5. The results Page will display the patterns in style number sequence.
  6. To Find a specific number type Control+F and type desired number or text and Enter.
Viewing and Printing Images

Three collections, Betty Williams, Joy Emery, and University of Rhode Island have the most scanned images. Other collections, such as Kevil L. Seligman, have some images. Collections with images are identified with (image) after the name of the collection.

Caveat: Many of the 19th C patterns do not include pattern diagrams or small-scale pieces with the pattern, those that do have been scanned. If there are no pattern images available, you will see a blank "construction" frame. Please note the small-scale pattern pieces are taken from the information on the envelope or from the instruction sheet. The companies did not include any information on the scale used. The best way to use the small-scale diagram is to measure it to enlarge it out or use the information for draping the pattern in the desired full-scale on a dress form.

To Enlarge and Print the Pattern Images:
  1. Left click on the image to see the larger view and the small-scale pattern pieces.
  2. To enlarge either of these, left click on the image.
  3. To return to the previous page, click on Back.
  4. To Print the images, select File, Print.
  5. To continue browsing the original Search, select Search from The CoPA Menu Bar.
  6. TIP: to return to the recently viewed pattern in Search, type Control+F and type the pattern number or the Pattern ID number and press Enter. (MAC users: type Apple+F.)

    Please note: The images & metadata may only be used for private research and study purposes. Images may be printed for class work or personal reference but may not be reproduced for other purposes.